Welcome Central Region Advisors and FBLA Members! 

Happy Spring (or almost Spring), everyone! I hope you are all  continuing to do well in school and enjoying the new semester! As for FBLA, the fun is always happening!  Since it’s already March, we must focus our attention to the State Leadership Conference in Greensboro, NC because it’s only days away! The competition will sneak up on you before you know it, so make sure you’re practicing, practicing, practicing. MARCH MEANS STATE LEADERSHIP FOR NC FBLA!! Make sure you’re studying! Also, be sure you have researched and have begun thinking about who you’re going to elect to take my spot as the Central Region VP. It’s a demanding, but rewarding, job, so choose wisely.

DOUBLE CHECK DEADLINES and make sure you are prepared to have everything in on time. I would love to see each member of our Central region at the State Leadership Conference, and it would be sad for anyone to miss out because of miscommunicated deadlines. Here are some important dates below:

Upcoming Important Dates and Deadlines

March 20th-22nd: NC FBLA SLC


As some of you know, it’s my last year as an FBLA officer. I can’t believe time has flown by so fast. I wanted to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve as a leader for an organization so close to my heart. I am beyond thankful for all of the traveling and friends I have made over the past two years. I will miss all of you greatly, and I’ll always keep NCFBLA in my heart. Keep going in FBLA because I can’t tell you enough how much it has helped me to prepare for college and character building. It’s truly a great organization that makes its members grow in business, experience, and friendships. Thank you all again. 

Mary Hogan

Central Region Vice President