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NC FBLA Central Region

Welcome Central Region Advisers and FBLA Members! 

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Hello Central Region!

I hope everyone enjoyed their long Christmas break, I know I did! But now that first semester is almost officially over, I am so excited for our upcoming NC FBLA State Leadership Conference. Please make sure that all prejudged events are sent in by January 15th and that you have paid your dues to your advisors. I also encourage you all to be studying for your events whether its a performance event or a testing event.

For performance events, I highly encourage you to practice with a teacher or an advisor who will give you feedback on what you are doing right and take note of how to improve. Practicing what you are going to do for judges with teachers can make you less nervous and will build your self confidence for when you are actually performing your event. Another plus is that you are fully prepared for anything that may go wrong. Print extras of all of your important papers so you never misplace anything when the time comes for your event.

If you are taking a test for your competitive event, try to research online for free practice tests that you can take, and study. Also, if you are new to this event and are nervous about taking a test, try to find someone that has done the event in the past and ask them questions on how you need to prepare to be successful. Also, if you are a little blurry on what your event is really about, I find it helpful to talk to some of my business teachers and asking them if they have any advice or helpful tips on what I can do to ace my test.

I hope everyone is just as excited for the upcoming NC FBLA State Leadership Conference as I am. I can’t wait to see you all there!

And alway remember, “Success is in your hands.”



Savannah Farrington


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  • February 10th- Advisor Appreciation Day

  • February 12th- FBLA-PBL Spirit Day  

  • March 15-17- State Leadership Conference-Greensboro, NC- Koury Convention Center



                 Savannah Farrington

           Central Region Vice President

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