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 2016 NC FBLA Central RCEC Pictures 

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March 2017

See You Later…Central Region

I have been trying to find the words to express how amazing this last year has been serving as your Central Region VP, and; to no surprise, I cannot find the word to express how I feel.


My experience in this position has opened so many new doors for me, I have met people I will never forget in my lifetime, and I have learned so much. I am forever in-debt to all of those who have afforded me this opportunity, whether you voted for me in March of last year, or if you supported me in fundraising, or allowed me to enter your classroom, or even just let me ramble in front of your students, I am in debt to all who have done that.

Being your Central Region VP has been the greatest experience of my life thus far, and I am amazed at what FBLA truly does offer students like myself. I would never have thought to be traveling to Dallas, meeting people from Colorado, Arizona, California, and even China, speaking with multi-million dollar CEOs, or people who’ve risen from the bottom to the top. I have done so much that has opened my eyes to the world, its opportunities and its wonders.

I cannot continue to express my gratitude, amazement, and happiness that this position has brought, and the sadness that having to leave has also brought me. I will never be able to forget what I have learned, whom I have met, and the team I have come to love so much.




To my friends: Thank-you for being there for me every step of the way. Especially whenever I needed a reality check at that very moment, you

guys were there to keep me straight and to keep me happy. I know that sometimes we argued, or I had to be at an event when we had plans, but you guys stuck around and I will forever appreciate that. You guys are most definitely my anchors not only to reality but to where my roots are. You guys amaze me every day and I love each and every one of you, no matter what.

To my adviser: Mrs. Cousins, thank-you for helping me every step of the way, and for being there no matter what. Even when we had to plan an entire conference with no experience, we made it happen! You were instrumental in the success of that conference. Thank-you for everything you do, your support, love, financial aid, and happiness, and I thank you and Mr. Rennels both for helping make the past three years be more than amazing.

To the Central Region: I love you guys more than anything. I have never been more amazed with how a region can come together, love each other, support each other, and to just be one of the most amazing regions in the entire FBLA membership. You continue to surprise me every day and I want you all to never forget who you are, and what amazing potential you have.

To anyone not mentioned: I will never forget those who have impacted me, whether it was just by meeting me, or giving me advice, or whatever the case may be, I thank you all and I will never be far out of reach.


Finally, I want to remind everyone of a few things:

  • My contact information is for anyone and everyone to use. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will help you to the best of my ability.Kinston High 03
  • Competition is friendly: Try your best at your competitive events and remember that everyone is a winner!
  • FBLA is about…: FBLA is what you make it. Please never forget anything you learn while in this amazing organization, and please remember that FBLA will help you succeed.
  • Last but not least remember: Your Future Starts Today…So Do NOT let tomorrow pass you by.




Thank-you all for allowing me to assume this position and rise to greatness, and I will never forget the memories I have made. And remember, it isn’t “goodbye” it’s “see you later.”


Sincerely Yours,

Brandon Transparent

Brandon Standley

Central Region VP




Brandon Matthew Standley

Central Region Vice President, 2016-2017

If you have any questions, feel free to email me


Instagram: @branstan

Twitter: @branstans

Snapchat: @bthebird

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2016 NC FBLA Central RCEC Pictures