NC FBLA Eastern Region

Cameron Callahan

Regional Vice President


Hello everyone, my name is Cameron Callahan from DH Conley High School in Greenville. First off, I would like to thank you all for the support in electing me as your Eastern Region Vice President. So far my experience as an officer has been an outstanding opportunity for me to network with more people and become a better leader for the great Eastern Region. I have made incredible connections with my fellow state officers, thanks to you all. This year I want to do the most for you that I can. I have already started a new middle school chapter and am planning to continue to bring in new chapters as well as new members. Being a DH Conley, the largest chapter in the state, I have the ability to increase membership.

In the month of February, we have completed the sock drive for the March of Dimes. The Eastern Region collected approximately 900 pairs of socks. Congratulations to JH Rose and Mr. Garner for collecting about 750 pairs of socks.

The NFLC in Charlotte, North Carolina, was a fantastic experience. I hope that those of you that went had a wonderful time as I did.

The NFLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was an amazing experience for the state officer team and me. We attended amazing workshops and learned new skills.

The Eastern Region Competitive Events Conference has just been completed and it was a huge success! Congratulations to all winners; I hope that you all keep at it and compete at the state conference in Greensboro in March.

I would to make a huge thank you to all of those who helped me reach my position that I am at today. I am beyond honored to be able to serve the Eastern Region as well as North Carolina. State Competition is coming up soon! Be sure to keep working on your events and do your best! Good luck to all of you!

Important Upcoming Dates 


State Leadership Conference in Greensboro, NC – March 25-27 


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