NC FBLA President





North Carolina Future Business Leaders of America, this is, sadly, my last post as your State President! I wanted to thank all of you for your ever-enduring support throughout this year! I have accomplished feats, that without you all, I would not have been able to do! We have all, together, accomplished many things collectively – spanning from community service to further involvement within our chapters! I am looking forward to seeing what many of you will bring forth to the new FBLA year in North Carolina! While, I, at that time, will no longer be your President, I take great pride in knowing that many of you will continue your dedication to this wonderful organization!

Approximately a year ago, I stood on the stage of the Koury Convention Center and laid out my goals and desires for North Carolina. Together, we have successfully increased our social media presence by 100% and we have increased our community service! I am, however, sad to report that one of my campaign promises was unmet. We did not have an increase in membership this year. After the events of Hurricane Florence, our state endured hardship and it was a hit that we did not recover from entirely. I am, however, happy to report that while our membership did not increase, our solid foundation as a state for the next school year is better than before. The Officer Team and I, have traveled heavily across the state and met with a myriad of students to spread the excitement and potential of opportunity in FBLA! I believe we are stronger because of it and it further establishes a firm ground for the upcoming year!

Finally, I wanted to thank all of you who have entrusted me with the highest office within our state organization. It has been a responsibility that I have not taken lightly and have enjoyed thoroughly. This is not officially my goodbye, but even after we part ways I know many of you will return stronger and more energized for an even better year of NC FBLA! That, in itself, is all I have ever wanted to leave behind – a legacy of hope, inspiration, and determination for students across the state! North Carolina, it has been the honor of my life serving as your State President!

See you all soon on March 25-27 in Greensboro, NC!

Everson Moran,

NCFBLA State President