NC FBLA State Parliamentarian


Welcome back, NC FBLA!

My name is Emma Godwin, and I am returning as your state parliamentarian! I am a senior at Wheatmore High School this year. I, as well as the rest of the officer team, are so excited for what we have planned this year. Be sure to check back regularly at our pages for any upcoming announcements.

State Officer Updates

So far, the state officer team and I have had the opportunity to attend State Officer Training, National Leadership Conference, and CTE Summer Conference. At State Officer Training, we got to meet officers from other CTSOs in North Carolina as well as participate in leadership activities. Most excitingly, we planned and prepared things for the upcoming year, such as the state theme, “65 Years: Legacy of Success.” At NLC, we traveled to Baltimore, Maryland. This was an amazing experience: meeting and networking with state officers from all across the country, competing in my event, and watching other events. I loved getting to see the hard work North Carolina’s participants put in pay off. Most recently, the state officer team and I attended the CTE Summer Conference. This was a great opportunity to meet the advisers that help make FBLA possible. We also presented a social media workshop. 

Now that school is in swing, it is important to join your chapter. Even if you attend meetings, be sure you have paid your dues so you aren’t missing out on any of the fun! Encourage your friends to come meetings, learn about FBLA, and get involved. That is the best way to spread the word through your school! Be sure to send us pictures of anything your chapter does. It could make our page!


In November, your North Carolina chapter has the opportunity to host a national fall leadership conference in Charlotte, NC. Please do your best to make it! This is an excellent way to network, go to workshops, and experience a national conference much closer to home. Your state officers will be in attendance!



As your state parliamentarian, one of my responsibilities is to help teach user-friendly parliamentary procedure tips and tricks. Check back here each month for a new one! For September, we will begin with learning to call a meeting to order and obtain the floor. This will provide more structure to your meetings by giving it a definitive start time. To call a meeting to order, the president or designee is running the meeting, should say something similar to, “I now call this meeting of the *insert your school’s name* chapter of FBLA  to order.” Next you will tap the gavel, and continue with the meeting. Obtaining the floor is a simple way to keep order throughout the meeting. This ensures only one member speaks at a time, which will keep the meeting running smoothly. To obtain the floor, you first stand. As you stand, say something to get the chair’s (designee leading the meeting) attention. The most common variation is, “Mr./Madam President/Chair”. Once they acknowledge you, “Yes, *your name*”, you can start to speak. All of these parliamentary procedure tips can be changed to fit the needs of your chapter. Contact me with any questions!

Please remember these important dates:

Oct. 20- First membership deadline

Nov 1- Nonstop November begins

Nov. 9-10 – Albuquerque NFLC

Nov. 16-17- Charlotte NFLC

Click here for the extensive calendar!


Emma Godwin
NC FBLA State Parliamentarian
Wheatmore High School
c. 336.553.7708
Instagram: theemmagodwin