“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that your impact lasts in your absence.”  -Sheryl Sandberg

Stephanie Godwin

Southeast Region Vice President



Greetings, Southeast Region! I hope you have all had a wonderful start to the school year, and by extension, a wonderful start to a year of FBLA!

During September, most chapters are just getting started with meetings and their yearly goals. In order to organize and plan steps to tackle your chapter’s goals, I highly recommend creating a program of work. A program of work can make it easy to streamline your plan for the year and make FBLA at your school an outrageous success!

Speaking of programs of work, my fellow state officers and I really wanted to focus on increasing membership within our regions this year. We set a goal to charter or reactivate at least two chapters in each region. That is why I am pleased to announce that the Southeast region has already welcomed three newly activated chapters! To Rowland Middle School, Highland Middle School, and Bragg Street Academy, a very warm welcome to you on behalf of the Southeast Region!

There has also been a change in our statewide food drive effort of which I would like to make you aware. As many of you know, last year there was a competition to see which region could donate the most canned/non-perishable food items to local food drives during the Regional Competitive Events Conference. The three chapters with the most donations received preferred seating at SLC. NC FBLA plans to continue this initiative this year, with one fundamental alteration: this year, the drive will also include personal items. These items include individually wrapped bars of soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, floss, and other basic hygiene products. As soon as an official list of acceptable items is available, I will be certain to share it with you.

We have decided to name this project “FBLA Cares.” We are very excited about FBLA Cares, as it will help our neighbors across the state who are less fortunate than us. Please get ahead and begin planning collection in your school and community to help us make this effort a success!

As always, thank you so much for your continued dedication to NC FBLA, and I can’t wait to see you all at the National Fall Leadership Conference this November in St. Louis, Missouri!

Yours Truly,

Stephanie Godwin

Dates to Remember

September 11 – Fall Stock Market Game begins

September 22 – Tomorrow’s Business Leader Fall issue copy deadline

TBA – Outstanding Student application deadline

October 4 – Webinar: NFLCs

October 6 – Buffalo, New York Early Registration Deadline

October 9 – Fall Stock Market Game Registration Deadline

October 13 – St. Louis, Missouri Early Registration Deadline


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