Hari Vijay

Southwest Region Vice President


Hello Southwest Region!


My name is Hari Vijay and I am this year’s NCFBLA Southwest Region VP. I am excited to work with all of you throughout the 2018-2019 school year so that we can continue NCFBLA’s ‘Legacy of Success’ as we celebrate its 65th anniversary!


I am a rising senior at Marvin Ridge High School and am a member of the International Baccalaureate Program. I am on the school’s varsity tennis team and also work as a tutor at Mathnasium of South Charlotte. I have been in FBLA since 6th grade at Randolph IB Middle School with Mr. David Slater and Ms. Shona Parker as advisers. I have competed twice at regional competitions, every year at state competition, and three times at national competitions.

Highlights from 2018 National Leadership Conference (NLC)

This summer the NLC was in Baltimore, MD. My fellow state officers and I had a great trip and got to network with other members while attending various events and workshops. I was also grateful to receive 8th place in Business Plan with my teammates Riley Nicosia and Suhas Nannapaneni! Click here to see the list of national winners from North Carolina. Congrats to all that went to the conference and competed!



Newly Formed/Reactivated Chapters

This list highlights the chapters in our region that have joined NC FBLA since August 1. Each month I will give a shout out to those that joined from the last update, and these schools will also be recognized at RCEC and the SLC Regional Rally. To start off, we have ACE Academy and Hunter Huss High School!

  • ACE Academy
  • Hunter Huss High School

Let’s watch this list grow together!

Creating New Chapters

One of my goals for this year is for us to create new chapters by contacting feeder schools! If you are a middle school chapter and your local high school does not currently have an FBLA chapter, contact them to try and get one started! If you are a high school chapter and your local middle school does not have a chapter, please reach out as well. If you email me the school that have a FBLA Chapter, I would be more than happy to contact that school myself, also, in order to explain the benefits of starting FBLA! If you get your feeder school to start a chapter, your school will be recognized at RCEC and/or Regional Rally at SLC.

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2018 National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC)

This year, one of the three National Fall Leadership Conferences will be held in Charlotte, NC from November 16-17, 2018. I encourage all of you to attend this conference, as it is in our very own region! Please note that October 20 is the Early Bird Registration Deadline for this conference. Click here for more information.

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2018 Regional Competitive Events Conference (RCEC)

The 2018 RCEC will be held on December 1 at Marvin Ridge High School, with the backup date, December 15. I encourage you all to begin to think of possible events to compete in and to mark that date on your calendar. There are plenty of events for both high school and middle school students. Please note that membership dues should be mailed by October 20 in order to compete at RCEC, so that the national office has enough time to post the members by November 1. There is an SAT scheduled nationwide for December 1 as well so I ask that you plan ahead and try to work RCEC into your schedule!

Important Contacts

State Adviser:        Mary Jane Thomas

NC Department of Public Instruction

Regional Adviser: Troy Burns

Marvin Ridge High School

Board Member:    Jennifer Luper

Lincolnton High School

Contact information can be found here, on the NCFBLA website under the ‘Contacts’ tab. Feel free to email any of the four of us with questions throughout the year!

Final Notes

If you would like me to visit your chapter at some point in the year, please contact me and I will do my best to come! Once again, I look forward to working with all of you throughout the year!




Hari Vijay

NC FBLA Southwest Region VP


C: 704-619-4654

Instagram: @harivijay_fbla