Cabel Jarrett

Western Region VP


To The Western Region,

Hello everyone! I am very excited to be making my first post on the NC FBLA website. I cannot wait for the coming year and the opportunity to work with each individual to make FBLA a better organization.

To recap, the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in July was a success for North Carolina and its officers. I, personally, enjoyed learning about the different opportunities FBLA has to offer students. Connecting with students from around the United States as well as bonding with my fellow state officers was an experience like no other.

New this year I am excited to announce that I am implementing a Western Region Council. The Council will help me with tasks I may have assigned from the state adviser, help find sponsors for our region, and have an individual job position with monthly tasks.  If you would like to apply for a position please contact me ASAP.


Important Dates

December 3: Regional Competitive Events Conference (RCEC)

This year I am very excited to host the 2018 Regional Conference at Brookstone church in Weaverville, NC. The facility is absolutely amazing, boasting a 999 person seating capacity in the main chapel (where we will hold opening and closing session).  This localized conference will determine who is eligible to compete in certain events at the State Leadership Conference (SLC) in Greensboro, NC.

November 16-17: National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC)

One of the three National Fall Leadership Conferences will be held in Charlotte, NC. October 20 is the Early Bird Registration Deadline for this conference, and I encourage that all chapters attend due to the scarcity of a national conference being so close to our region.




Stay in Touch 

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Cabel Jarrett

NC FBLA Western Region Vice President

Email: westernvp@ncfbla.org