Caroline McFee

Western Region VP

“Your attitude determines your direction.”  


To The Western Region,

I cannot believe this is my last regional post! This year has flown by, and I have enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for your support, enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication to FBLA. I am honored and proud to serve the Western Region and NC FBLA. Although our year together is coming to an end, we still have some events in front of us!

March 19-21: State Leadership Conference

State Leadership Conference is March 19-21. Preparing for state competitions can be stressful; but, hopefully, I can give you some tips to help minimize that stress. First, prior to competition, look up online practice tests for your topic. Test Frenzy is a great resource. Second, when you arrive at the conference, find a conference program and map and locate your competition. Also, arrive 10- 15 minutes early to your competition so you are not stressed about being late. Third, ask those who have previously competed in your event for tips; this will give you an edge in your competition! State Leadership Conference is a time to show off your hard work, act professionally, and network. I encourage you to get involved and HAVE FUN! Some of my best high school memories are from SLC; so do not stress too much, enjoy the event!  Good luck to all of you!

February 24: NC FBLA Community Service Day

Chapters should choose a community service project to support or organize. This is a way for NC FBLA to show it cares and have a positive impact on its communities. Also, community service days are a great opportunity to build community service hours that many colleges and organizations look for! I encourage members to start looking for ideas now!

I hope you participated in FBLA week and enjoyed all of the activities!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, and for one last time, thank you for being the best region in the state!

Caroline McFee


Important Dates


February 5 -19, SLC Online testing available

February 24, State Community Service Day. Get your chapter involved in community service and let me know how you made a difference! 

March 19-21, State Leadership Conference

There are MANY deadlines in February. Check the Calendar of Activities below

Click HERE to access the NCFBLA Calendar of Activities for 2017-2018.

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Caroline McFee

NC FBLA Western Region Vice President

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