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Happy New Year NC FBLA! I hope the New Year brings you all wonderful adventures and fantastic memories! The start of the new year also brings us even closer to the State Leadership Conference! Remember to study hard and prepare for your upcoming events! If you are struggling, there are loads of resources on NC FBLA and the national website and if all else fails – Google it! In addition to SLC approaching, FBLA week, Community Service Day, and February deadlines are coming up soon! Make sure to keep an eye on the calendar.

I did not make any resolutions this year because I like to think of New Year’s Resolutions as more of casual promises to myself that I am under no legal obligation to me to fill. But if you are interesting in a few fun resolutions here are a few I am going to potentially try:

  1. (I absolutely stole this from Gabby) – Read one book a week for the year – So far I have succeeded in reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and this week Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  2. Write everything you need to accomplish down – I am terrible about forgetting to do things and procrastinating so this will be a work in progress.

I am going to start small; you don’t actually need a New Year to be a “new you.” Good luck with any resolutions you might have made, I would love to hear about them!!

Here are a few of my favorite moments from 2017! I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!! 


2017-2018 Northwest Regional Goals


I want to use this year to truly grow and better the Northwest Region. Here are some of the things I would like to see happen!

  1. Add three or more chartered or reactivated chapters to our region
  2. Increase our membership within current chapters
  3. Have 15 or more members compete at the Regional Competitive Event than last year
  4. Have 30 or more members compete at the State Leadership Conference then last year
  5. Use forums such as Remind 101 and email to get current information out and received by all members
  6. Have multiple chapters participate in the Statewide Community Service Day on February 24th

In addition to these goals I have a personal one for myself – My goal as your state officer this year is to come to at least one meeting at each chapter within our region.

As a state officer it is my job to stay connected to the chapters and members and so this is the best way I can think of doing that. If you have a big event that is coming up or just a meeting you’d like me to attend or help conduct, please click the button below!

Northwest VP Visit Request

Once you have put in a visit request, I will get back to you via email and a time and date can be set up!

Welcome to Our Region

Want to get on stage at SLC or be recognized at Nationals?

Well, you can be in your competitive events by working hard and preparing diligently!

But in addition to your competitive event, there are other opportunities to be recognized as well!

1. Business Achievement Award – This is a great way to get you and other members active in FBLA. There are four different levels, and fun, informative tasks to complete at each level. Once you complete a level you get a pin, and if you complete all four you are recognized at SLC and NLC!

2. Community Service Award – Do you volunteer a lot? Well, if you do, you can be recognized for it! There are three levels, which can be completed with different hours of service.

3. Membership Madness – There are lots of membership awards that your chapter can receive; that are going on now! If your chapter completes them, you will get a ribbon at States for your achievements!

Check out more information on this awards at


Have you ever been walking around a State or National Leadership Conference and noticed students with a lot of different ribbons on their nametags? Do you want this to be you?

Well, if so, then here are a few great ways to get your chapter recognized at SLC and NLC!

This month make sure to check out Action Awarness! This is the final part of the chapter challenge and will be due March 1st! Good luck to all the chapters, and I hope to see you all recognized at SLC and NLC!!

In addition to awards, remember that FBLA is also very focused on service. Have your school wear purple one day or do a mini walk for March of Dimes! Little things like this can make a huge difference to this life changing organization!

There are many other service projects that your chapter can do. This year NC FBLA is having a community service day that I hope to see all of you involved in! Community Service Day is Feburary 24th! Make sure that your chapter gets involved!



Dates to Remember


January 1st – Action Awareness Begins

January 15th – A TON OF STUFF IS DUE!! Many SLC competitive event projects need to be uploaded or received by this deadline! Make sure you know if your event requires material to be mailed in by this deadline!!!!! 

January 15th – 29th – Online registration for the State Leadership Conference


February 24th – Community Service Day for NC FBLA

March 19-21st – NC FBLA State Leadership Conference


Click HERE to access the Calendar of Activities for 2017-2018; this calendar is super useful, and I highly recommend that you print a copy!


Happy New Year!

Good Luck with your Events!

YOU are why NC FBLA is so Great!


 Thank you for making NC FBLA GREAT!
 If you have any questions feel free to contact me!



Taylor Faherty

Northwest Region VP


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