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Why does it take a minute to say Hello, and forever to say Goodbye.


Seven years ago my friend asked me to go to an FBLA meeting with her, I said yes because I wanted to get out of class. That year I went to the State Leadership Conference, during the opening ceremony there was a speaker that went by the name of “Mama Drill” and it was the best speech my 11 year old self had ever heard. In that moment I knew that I was hooked. In the seventh grade I moved to Jacobs Fork Middle School. They didn’t have a chapter there but I found a teacher – Mrs. Chester – who was willing to help me get one started. Over the next two years this organization showed me how to be a leader. I was elected as president of the chapter both years, and it gave me the confidence to do anything I set my mind to. If it weren’t for Mrs. Chester, Mr. Brotherton, and Mrs. Fountain, I never would have ran for a state office; but once they put the idea in my head, there was no going back. In high school I was blessed to have Mrs. Canipe as an adviser. Whatever crazy idea I had, whatever I needed help with, she was always there and almost always said ‘Okay.’So in the 10th grade I ran for Northwest Region Vice President. You all graciously elected me to the position and looking back on that day I always break into the biggest smile. From then on my FBLA adventure skyrocketed. I got to go to National Leadership Conference in Atlanta which was probably one of the best weeks of my life. I also got to go to Dallas, Texas, which was another wonderful weekend. Finally, a year ago I made it back to another State Leadership Conference. I was sitting at the registration table, and a women slowly approaches me. She was walking kind of sideways and not really blinking so I was a little nervous and confused because she also wasn’t in business attire. It turns out she was “Mama Drill.” Ever since her speech in the 6th grade I had wanted her to come back to the conference and last year she did. So when I got to meet her and when she mentioned me in her speech, I definitely cried. This organization does that; it moves you.

I have had the privilege to serve as your Northwest Region Vice President for two years. I have had the chance to travel across the country. I have had the chance to meet so many wonderful people from a variety of different places. I have learned invaluable business skills that I will take with me for the rest of my life. This organization allowed me to fly on a plane for the first time, go to Disneyland, and meet my best friend in the whole world. All of these wonderful things happened because of you. So thank you so much to every member and adviser who helped to make my dream come true. Thank you Northwest Region, Mrs. Chester, Mr. Brotherton, Mrs. Fountain, Mrs. Canipe, Mrs. Adkins, Mrs. Thomas, Ms. Lay, my Fred T. Foard and Jacobs Fork Chapters because I am where I am today because of all of you. I will never be able to express how truly grateful I am.

If I were to go back and tell my 11 year old self what would happen over the next seven years because of this organization, I am sure she would have never believed me. But I am also sure that she would have been so excited to go through it all again.



CTE Month

February is CTE Month! Make sure to celebrate all that Career and Technical Education has to offer! This month I encourage you to try and get involved with some activities that highlight their importance. A few ways to do that include:

  1. Have a business professional come and talk to your class about what it is like working in the business world
  2. Ask your adviser or a CTE teacher why they became a CTE teacher? Ask them what their favorite part about teaching career oriented classes is.
  3. Hold a CTE fair night at your school! Get all of the CTE teachers involved and other CTSO organizations! This can help spread the word about what each class teaches, and it could help to increase membership as well!
  4. Finally, remember to thank your CTE teachers for all that they do. Core classes are important but I believe CTE classes are just as important. These classes teach us important life lessons and help to lead us to careers when we graduate from school.

2017-2018 Northwest Regional Goals


I want to use this year to truly grow and better the Northwest Region. Here are some of the things I would like to see happen!

  1. Add three or more chartered or reactivated chapters to our region – 
  2. Increase our membership within current chapters – 
  3. Have 15 or more members compete at the Regional Competitive Event than last year – 
  4. Have 30 or more members compete at the State Leadership Conference then last year – 
  5. Use forums such as Remind 101 and email to get current information out and received by all members
  6. Have multiple chapters participate in the Statewide Community Service Day on February 24th

In addition to these goals I have a personal one for myself – My goal as your state officer this year is to come to at least one meeting at each chapter within our region.

As a state officer it is my job to stay connected to the chapters and members and so this is the best way I can think of doing that. If you have a big event that is coming up or just a meeting you’d like me to attend or help conduct, please click the button below!

Northwest VP Visit Request

Once you have put in a visit request, I will get back to you via email and a time and date can be set up!

Welcome To Our Region

Want to get on stage at SLC or be recognized at Nationals?

Well, you can be in your competitive events by working hard and preparing diligently!

But in addition to your competitive event, there are other opportunities to be recognized as well!

1. Business Achievement Award – This is a great way to get you and other members active in FBLA. There are four different levels, and fun, informative tasks to complete at each level. Once you complete a level you get a pin, and if you complete all four you are recognized at SLC and NLC!

2. Community Service Award – Do you volunteer a lot? Well, if you do, you can be recognized for it! There are three levels, which can be completed with different hours of service.

3. Membership Madness – There are lots of membership awards that your chapter can receive; that are going on now! If your chapter completes them, you will get a ribbon at States for your achievements!

Check out more information on this awards at


Have you ever been walking around a State or National Leadership Conference and noticed students with a lot of different ribbons on their nametags? Do you want this to be you?

Well, if so, then here are a few great ways to get your chapter recognized at SLC and NLC!

This month make sure to check out Action Awarness! This is the final part of the chapter challenge and will be due March 1st! Good luck to all the chapters, and I hope to see you all recognized at SLC and NLC!!

In addition to awards, remember that FBLA is also very focused on service. Have your school wear purple one day or do a mini walk for March of Dimes! Little things like this can make a huge difference to this life changing organization!

There are many other service projects that your chapter can do. This year NC FBLA is having a community service day that I hope to see all of you involved in! Community Service Day is Feburary 24th! Make sure that your chapter gets involved!

Dates To Remember




February 24th – Community Service Day for NC FBLA

March 19-21st – NC FBLA State Leadership Conference


Click HERE to access the Calendar of Activities for 2017-2018; this calendar is super useful, and I highly recommend that you print a copy!


My Favorite Moments

I have always been a strong believer that a picture is worth a thousand words. These past two years have been unforgettable, and I will never be able to describe them in enough words to you. So here are a few of my favorite memories.






Good Luck with your Events!

YOU are why NC FBLA is so Great!


 Thank you for making NC FBLA GREAT!
 If you have any questions feel free to contact me!



Taylor Faherty

Northwest Region VP


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