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Northwest Region Vice President 

“I never thought in terms of being a leader. I thought very simply in terms of helping people.”


Want to get to know me? Check out this video!

Here are some of my favorite moments from this year’s NLC in Baltimore, MD. I have never been around so many people that share the love for FBLA like I do!
NLC taught me so much about networking with others and how to become a better leader.


Time to Get Members!

For many of us, school is starting back and it’s time to start recruiting members for your local FBLA chapters. Below are a few tips and tricks to getting new members.

  1. Have a business professional come and talk to your class about what it is like working in the business world. Let this conversation be the gateway to a conversation about FBLA.
  2. Use your social media platforms to show your friends how must you enjoy being in FBLA and how many opportunities there are for networking and growth.
  3. Talk to underclassmen at your school’s open house and get them interested in the organization.
  4. Set up a meeting during school hours for those interested in learning more about becoming a member.
  5. RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT! Let’s make this year a year of growth.

2018-2019 Northwest Regional Goals


I want to use this year to truly grow and better the Northwest Region. Here are some of the things I would like to see happen!

  1. Add five or more chartered or reactivated chapters to our region –
  2. Increase our membership within current chapters – 
  3. Have 15 or more members compete at the Regional Competitive Event than last year – 
  4. Have 30 or more members compete at the State Leadership Conference then last year – 
  5. Use forums such as Remind 101 and email to get current information out and received by all members

In addition to these goals I have a personal one for myself – My goal as your state officer this year is to attend at least 5 Free Food Friday meetings. I want you all to recruit as hard as you can this year! Let’s get some new or reactivated chapters!

As a state officer it is my job to stay connected to the chapters and members. This form will also ask if you are requesting a Free Food Friday visit. Remember, you must have helped in the activating or reactivating of a local chapter in order to be eligible for one of these meetings. 

Northwest VP Visit Request

Once you have put in a visit request, I will get back to you via email and a time and date can be set up!


Dates To Remember



August 1st- Membership registration opens


Click HERE to access the Calendar of Activities for 2018-2019; this calendar is super useful, and I highly recommend that you print a copy!


My Favorite Moments



Good Luck with your Events!

YOU are why NC FBLA is so Great!


 Thank you for making NC FBLA GREAT!
 If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Abby Key

Northwest Region VP


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