Hari Vijay

Southwest Region Vice President


Hello Southwest Region!

March Update

Last regional post ever!! This is definitely the toughest one to write. This past year has been one of the best experiences of my life, and  I want to thank NCFBLA and all of you for giving me this opportunity. I can’t wait to see you all at SLC and please feel free to reach out to me before or after! Make sure to visit my workshop at SLC, about giving elevator speeches! My contact info is at the bottom.

Please join the Southwest Region Remind by texting @ncfbla-sw to the number 81010. I will be sending out reminders periodically. You can also join by clicking here.


2018 Regional Competitive Events Conference (RCEC)

The 2018 RCEC was held on December 1 at Marvin Ridge High School, and I’d like to thank all the members and advisers that came out to the conference. It was a great success, and I loved getting to see everyone throughout the day!

The Community Service Theme for the RCEC was a sock drive, with gloves accepted as well. Southwest Region, we raised 871 pairs of socks in total! Thanks to all chapters that donated! Shoutout goes to the following schools that brought in the 4 most:

  • Weddington High School – 265 pairs
  • Jay M. Robinson Middle School – 259 pairs
  • Lincolnton High School – 118 pairs
  • Marvin Ridge High School – 79 pairs

The collected items were given to the Hands N Feet Foundation of Charlotte. 


I also got to visit the Western RCEC that took place on December 4! Thanks to Cabel for hosting me, and I enjoyed visiting another RCEC and presenting a workshop there! It was great to see another region in NCFBLA.

Newly Formed/Reactivated Chapters

This list highlights the chapters in our region that have joined NC FBLA since August 1. Each month I will give a shout out to those that joined from the last update, and these schools will also be recognized at RCEC and the SLC Regional Rally. We have Forest Hills and Gaston Day joining us this month!

  • ACE Academy
  • Hunter Huss High School
  • Forest Hills High School
  • Gaston Day School

Let’s watch this list grow together!

Creating New Chapters

One of my goals for this year is for us to create new chapters by contacting feeder schools! If you are a middle school chapter and your local high school does not currently have an FBLA chapter, contact them to try and get one started! If you are a high school chapter and your local middle school does not have a chapter, please reach out as well. If you email me the school that have a FBLA Chapter, I would be more than happy to contact that school myself, also, in order to explain the benefits of starting FBLA! If you get your feeder school to start a chapter, your school will be recognized at RCEC and/or Regional Rally at SLC.

Image result for nc fbla state leadership conference

Important Contacts

State Adviser:        Mary Jane Thomas

NC Department of Public Instruction

Regional Adviser: Troy Burns

Marvin Ridge High School

Board Member:    Jennifer Luper

Lincolnton High School

Contact information can be found here, on the NCFBLA website under the ‘Contacts’ tab. Feel free to email any of the four of us with questions throughout the year!

Final Notes

Please join the Southwest Region Remind by texting @ncfbla-sw to the number 81010. I will be sending out reminders periodically through it. You can also join by clicking here.

If you would like me to visit your chapter at some point in the year, please contact me and I will do my best to come! Once again, I look forward to working with all of you throughout the year!




Hari Vijay

NC FBLA Southwest Region VP


C: 704-619-4654

Instagram: @harivijay_fbla